So Which Cars Are considered
being the Junk Cars?

There are several indications of a junk car. Some are quite obviously pieces of junk while others are disguised in perfectly painted shells. (In other words, you can't tell by looking at the car that it's junk.)


If the engine is blown and the car has been unable to crank for a long time, it's probably junk. Sure, the engine can be replaced but at what cost? Are you willing to pay that price for a car that's paid for? Many people are not willing to put the time into it. After all, by the time an engine is blown, the car is likely to be outdated and old anyway.

Has that car been sitting in the same location for fifty years? Can we say, junk? Again, many people rebuild and redesign antique cars. However, for those of you that don't have that passion or resources to do so, why let a car sit in the same location and waste away? It's not only a waste but can appear to be rather unattractive for any location and property.

Then there are the operable cars that usually have earned some type of nickname like Fred or Good Ole Betsy, etc. Their engines may have tons of mileage on them but they still operate just fine. However, what qualifies these cars as junk are the details such as this: The car can go in reverse but you have to feel around for it because the gear indicator display no longer works. Or the driver's side door won't open so you have to crawl throught the passenger side. Or the car's windshied is secured by duct tape. Yes, these few qualities would rank your car as a junk car.

Finally, junk cars are those cars that have been wrecked and totaled out by the insurance company. The damage caused to the car is greater than the value of the car.

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