What Type of Cars Do We Buy?

Okay, we covered all the details of what we do and what cars qualify as junk cars. What about the type of cars that we buy?

We purchase used cars of all kind. The new, old, damaged and useless, you name it, we buy cars!

Is Your Car Totaled?

If your car is completely totaled and completely useless,don't fret.Simply call us, give us the details and we will give you a free quote. Yes, your totaled car will still have value! We will take t off of your hands and sell it for the parts and various metal and materials. You wonn't have to lift a finger!


Do You Want to Get Rid of the Extra Car?

Okay, for whatever reason, you've ended up with an extra car. If works great, looks great and runs like a chaem. However, you have no need for it! If you're tired of it taking up space and worrying over how much you need to drive it, give us a call. We will buy cars that are in excellent condition.

We Buy the Rusty Cars Too

And in case you haven't figured it out yet, we also buy the old, ancient, stuck-in--the-mud cars You know, the ones with character and history! Don't worry about difficulty in removing it. If it's very settled in the back field or yard, we will still have it removed. We are experts at retrieving cars in nearly every type of situation!